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The Advantages of Studying With Our Society’s Teachers

Ballet is a complex and technically challenging art form. Sending your child to a qualified ballet teacher is important to their health and safety. Our members are provided with opportunities for professional development that incorporates up to date information and scientific practices in kinesiology and dance pedagogy. Our syllabus has been carefully developed to ensure a steady, careful technical and artistic progression from one level to the next.

Our Society works towards a positive and encouraging examination experience for students and teachers alike. We value your child’s sense of achievement and their growing self-confidence and pride. Members of the Society of Classical Ballet (Vaganova Method) who enter students for examinations are provided with feedback to assure that their teaching practices are safe and current.

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Stability is achieved only when the dancer realizes and feels the colossal part that the back plays in aplomb. The stem of aplomb is the spine. – Agrippina Vaganova from Basic Principles of Classical Ballet page 25