Affiliate Teacher

A unique feature to the Society is Affiliate Teacher membership and study program. This is an introductory membership for practicing teachers who have not taken examinations with the Society as student dancers. Drawing upon previous teaching experience, Affiliate members are given one to three years to complete the Affiliate Teacher Study Program and to familiarize themselves with our syllabi, styling and method. The study program may be completed in person or online with an assigned examiner. Also during that introductory period they must also successfully enter students for examinations.


Affiliate Teacher Study Program Requirements:

  • 18+ years old with previous ballet teaching experience
  • Submission of a completed Affiliate Teacher Study Program Application from with a copy of their resumé. (This document is contained in the Membership & Examination Forms booklet.)
  • Non-refundable initial interview fee, payable six weeks prior to interview date


Affiliate Teacher Interview Procedure:

  • Two examiners required, one in person and the second in person or on speaker phone
  • A 45-minute interview to ascertain the applicant’s general knowledge of ballet technique
  • Upon acceptance to the Affiliate Teacher Study Program remittance of course fees. Course fees include membership for the first year of the program


Affiliate Teacher Rights, Privileges & Requirements:

  • Once Affiliate membership is granted the Affiliate has up to three years to successfully enter students for examination up to and including the Elementary Level and to acquire their Associate Teacher certification
  • At any time within year two or three of the Study Program, the Affiliate member may choose take their Associate Teacher Examination. Fees for the Associate Teacher examination are not included in the Study Program fees.
  • Affiliate Teachers may use the SCBVM Aff. accreditation after their names and the Society’s logo in documents and advertising materials for the three-year period prior to attaining Associate membership
  • All rights and privileges with the Society will be revoked when a member fails to remit their annual membership fees


Please contact the Society’s office for further information about joining our Affiliate Teacher Study Program.

In a word, if we force on the pupil too much posing instead of technical work on the movements, their development will progress very slowly. – Agrippina Vaganova from Basic Principles of Classical Ballet