Examination Results

Examination comments, certificates, marks and medals (for Levels Primary to Four) are given to the teacher at the conclusion of their examination session. Certificates will show the mark candidates have achieved. Unsuccessful candidates will only receive their comment sheet, if that option was chosen by the teacher.


The Examiner marks students based on the following criteria:

  • The student has a clear understanding of technical requirements
  • The styling & musicality is appropriate for the level shown
  • The student is working independently and not reliant upon the other candidates for memorization of exercises
  • All aspects of physical training are progressing in unison
  • The student displays professional conduct. Behaviour must be well disciplined, exercising examination protocol
  • The student is well groomed


Examination marks will appear on the certificates as follows:

  • Not Awarded — The student does not meet the minimum standard for the level shown
  • Pass — Meets the most basic syllabus requirements. Without substantial physical and technical development, the next level should not be attempted
  • Pass Plus — Demonstrates the minimum standard for this level. Continued study at this level recommended before progressing to the next level
  • Merit — An acceptable standard for the Level shown, well tried, good attempt
  • Commended — A good standard for the level shown and student works well to their ability, good work
  • Highly Commended A very good standard in all areas for the level shown, very good work
  • Distinction — Outstanding technical and artistic standard for the level shown, excellent work

Allegro is the foundation of the science of the dance, its intricacy and the bond of future perfection.  The dance as a whole is built on allegro. – Agrippina Vaganova page 11