Student Teacher-in-Training

This level of membership is designed for the senior student who has aspirations to pursue a teaching career. This is entry-level teaching certification.


Student Teacher-in-Training Examination Requirements:

  • 16+ years old
  • Applicants must have passed the Society of Classical Ballet (Vaganova Method) Pre-Elementary exam
  • Applicants who have passed their Elementary exam may proceed directly to the Associate Teacher examination. See the Special Provisions For Dancers section on the Associate Teacher page for further information.
  • Applicants must be sponsored/mentored by an existing member of the Society who has Associate or higher certification
  • Applicants must submit the Teacher’s Examination Request Form with two copies of their resumé. (This document is contained in the Membership & Examination Forms booklet.)
  • Examination fee payable six weeks prior to exam date


Student Teacher-in-Training Examination Procedure:

  • One examiner required
  • Teach a ¾-hour class for four students up to and including Level 4 which must include the presentation of a small enchaînement. (Maximum length of enchaînement is 60 seconds.)
  • A 15-minute oral question and answer to include work for males


Student Teacher-in-Training Rights, Privileges & Requirements:

  • Once passed the Student Teacher-in-Training may present students for examination up to and including Level 4
  • Once Student Teacher-in-Training membership is granted the Student Teacher has a five-year grace period to acquire their Associate Teacher certification. Student Teacher-in-Training status with the Society will be revoked if Associate membership is not acquired before the end of the five-year grace period
  • Student Teachers may use the SCBVM St. T. accreditation after their names and the Society’s logo in documents and advertising materials for the five-year grace period prior to attaining Associate Teacher certification
  • All rights and privileges with the Society will be revoked when a member fails to remit their annual membership fees


Please contact the Society’s office for further information about becoming a Student Teacher-in-Training.

Battement tendu “ is the foundation of the entire technique.” – Agrippina Vaganova from Basic Principles of Classical Ballet page 26