Help for Viewing PDF's

If you are having trouble viewing the PDF files within your web browser, please update your web browser. Instructions are usually found in your browser’s help menu.

If you do not wish to update your browser, please try the following:

Option 1 (Right click to download method.)
a) Right click the link of the file you want to view.
b) A drop down menu will appear:
– for Internet Explorer choose “Save target as…”
– for Firefox, Netscape or Chrome choose “Save link as…”
– for Opera:”Save linked content as …”
c) Save the PDF file to your desktop (or to a folder you can find easily).
d) Go to your desktop (or folder) and double click to open the file you just downloaded.
Option 2 (Change your settings so that you view PDF files in Adobe Reader instead of within your browser.)
a) Download Adobe Reader. If you do not have it already
b) Open Adobe Reader.
c) In the Menu bar go to: Edit > Preferences.
d) In the pop up window, on the left hand side, click on “Internet”.
e) On the right hand side at the top, de-select (uncheck) “Display PDF in browser”.
f) Click “OK”.
Now, when you click any PDF files from the internet Adobe Reader will open as a separate program and run the file.

Note, when you do this Adobe Reader is acting like a web browser, a copy of the PDF file is not automatically saved to your hard drive. If you want to save the file to your hard drive, choose “File > Save as …” in the Menu bar of Adobe Reader, and either save the file to your desktop, or to a folder you can find easily.

To enter students for dancer examinations teachers must first obtain certification from the Society of Russian Ballet. The Society offers five levels of Teacher’s examination and certification. For further information about teacher certification please see the Membership page of the website.